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About Scarves

Scarves are more than a winter necessity, they are an all year round accessory that can be worn in a variety of stunning styles.
At The FabLook Acc our ladies fashion scarves come in a wide range of colours, patterns and materials perfect for all seasons. Kit out your showroom with a selection of knitted woollen, bobble, ruffle, sequinned, lurex tassel, cotton, satin and chiffon scarves to provide you with ample choice throughout the season.

Top Scarf Trends

Inspire yourself with some easy to wear fashion scarf trends; our patterned cotton scarves look great when worn in a range of styles including the boho turban. By folding the scarf in half width-ways, wrapping the material several times around the head then securing with a knot at the back. You can create this simple look that keeps hair tucked neatly away throughout the day, while staying super trendy.

Throughout spring and summer carrying a scarf around in preparation for a turn in the weather can be a bit of a chore; so why not suggest that you wear it in an alternative area of the body? Fashion scarves aren't accessories solely to keep your neck and chest toasty in the winter, a small scarf can be twisted and wrapped around the wrist to accompany bracelets, and ready to be whipped off to prevent a chill on a cool evening.

A bundled scarf in a contrasting colour to your t-shirt gives a simple t-shirt and jeans combo a quick boost. By gently and loosely twisting a long scarf, holding either end of the scarf, and winding it two or three times around the neck to create volume, your can achieve this casual yet chic look.

Mingle your textures by twisting two fashion scarves together. Combine an cream satin-look ruffle scarf with our white net scarf with silver sequins for a play on the norm. To give you a quick how-to guide; twist the two scarves around each other, knotting the ends of the sequinned scarf to a little above the ends of the cream scarf and sweep around.

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